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Domestic Tourism

Domestic Tourism

We are home to the best tourism spots, beautiful scenery, thunderous falls, deep gorges, incredible terrain, spectacular rivers, amazing landscapes, ever green canopies, tropical rainforest and the warm welcoming community.

Our culture, history and heritage is not only rich but interesting as the MauMau battlefield the tales of the guerilla war in the struggle for Kenya's independence, is our pride and Tetu's best kept secret.

Gura River is Africa's fastest flowing river giving all Africans and the world a reason to visit Tetù. On the Clifftops of our hilly Dedan Kìmathi Ward we provide a panoramic bird's eye view of Africa's second tallest mountain; Mt. Kenya which seems a stone's throw away from the backyard of our motherland.

Maingìrano is breathtaking....It's God's Masterpiece! Nature's peculiarity! Particularity and the spectacular convergence of two historic rivers Gura; Africa's fastest flowing river popularly known as the Usain Bolt of Rivers' 😃 and The great Sagana; a flowing beauty that snakes through the deep gorges of the monumentally hilly central Kenya. 

All the action happens in Nyeri County facing Tetù Constituency, Mukurweini and Mathìra..The raging waters gushing over the rocky, rugged mini falls to form thunderous yet stupendous, milky, enchanting streams in the backdrop of a green lush and verdant meadows of Thageinì.

The racing journey for Gura from the Aberdare Ranges ends here as she gets married off by Sagana to gracefully flow downstream causing beautiful scenary and incredibly make life blossom with the goodness of God given nourishment.

The delivery of this dream is best seen in the lenses of

1. Marketing Management

2. Destination mapping and management

3. Investor and partner relations

4. Government advocacy

5. Business development

6. Employment opportunities for the local community

Tetù Sasa will focus on the following Tourism Activities

1. Content Creation

2. Travel Itineraries and product development

3. Guest relations

4. Social media and digital marketing