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Tea Tourism

Tea Tourism

Last year, When Sir Edwin visited Gathuthi Tea Factory, He started an agenda of exploring agritourism not only as a value add to Tea farming but marketing and new employment opportunities for the entire constituency through tea tourism. After a lengthy conversation with the team, this will be a priority for him when he gets to Parliament.

Tea tourism is a new form of tourism where people visit tea plantations and tea factories to learn about tea farming, processing, packaging and distribution. To market Gathuthi Tea to the world, an annual tea tasting event is part of our proposal which we will build on with stakeholders and tea farmers to achieve great results. 

We shall engage Kenya Tourism Board, Kenya Association of Travel Operators and Tea Board of Kenya to build awareness on tea farming and processing in Tetù Constituency through agritourism.

This will be his immediate action for Tetù teas While he proceeds to lobby for tea sector reforms at a national level in the national assembly