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Our Work

Tetù Sasa is the first constituency based community social enterprise in the Mt.Kenya region founded and managed by the people focused on delivering desirable results in Agribusiness, Tourism, Craft Industry, E-commerce and ICT, Agritourism, Music and Performing Arts for community development. We are founded to be the epitome of the commemoration of our Hero Dedan Kìmathi the MauMau leader who among others selflessly put their lives on the line in the quest for freedom and independence of our great country Kenya.

We remain focused to keep the fire burning in memory of the first African Woman to win the greatest benefit to humankind award; Nobel Peace Prize: The late Professor Wangari Maathai. 

We are brought together as a people by our common history, the motivation set by those who came before us, the need to build a community driven by the future and as a way of giving back to the society and the environment that we thrived in.

Anything else that contributes to this cause becomes our priority and a great pillar of our success. We endeavor to mentor the best brains in Tetù Constituency by offering scholarships to the best universities in the world. We also have a golden dream of enhancing entrepreneurial skills to the new generation of youth as a way of building the future of our Constituency. 

Tetù Sasa is the new online voice for Tetù where we sell ourselves to the world by marketing our spaces, do business among ourselves, empower the youth through entrepreneurship and mentor the future generation of leaders.